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Storm Damage In Medical Building

A commercial medical building in our area had water seep through the ceiling all over their building. Almost every room had water damage from the hurricane. Our technicians were right there and was able to take the water damage right out. Here is a picture of our equipment working its magic!

Stove Top Fire

A resident in the area experienced a kitchen fire recently and we were right there. Once we were called, our technicians got rid of all the smoke damage, and fire damage. Our customer's kitchen was "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage In Hospital

Here in the Kempsville/Military Circle area we experienced a category 1 hurricane that caused severe damage to many residents and business owners. Luckily, once we received the call we were right on our way to fix the damage. Once we arrive, our technicians get right to work and start putting up our equipment to get rid of the water damage. Once our work was done, we had a happy customer!

Water Damage In Commercial Medical Building

Here at SERVPRO of Kempsville, we got a call for a medical office. The office faced a bust of pipes. Pipe burst can be so unexpected, unfortunately the office experienced water damage in the main entrance, and office rooms. SERVPRO of Kempsville was able to remove all present water damage

Our Owners Were Featured In The Oyster Pointer

Here at SERVPRO Kempsville/Military Circle we are co owned by the SERVPRO in Newport News. Our owners were featured in the Oyster Pointer! How awesome is that. WoooHoo! Get to know our owners from this article of them being interviewed. Getting to know us a bit more will give you more confidence to trust us with your restoration needs for your business!

Grilling Too Close

With the warm weather many of us are having cook outs and camp fires. Always remember to stay away from flammable objects as this customer was grilling too close and caught their fence on fire!

Do you have mold in your home?

Have any mold? Did you know SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle works to control and remediate mold contaminants while protecting your healthy and safety? Here is some equipment we use to get rid of all that mold. Questions? Give us a call!

Extreme Water Damage

Here in this picture, we have water damage so bad it made the ceiling collapse. Here at SERVPRO Kempsville/Military Circle were able to help! No matter the size, SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle is always here to help!

Water Damage Removal

Our technicians not only work hard, but use equipment to help them get the job done fast! Call SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle from any water damage removal! Call us at 757-479-4447!

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned!

Show employees and customers you've chosen a higher level of cleaning.

Our new Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program is a weekly viral pathogen cleaning service, designed just for your business.

Storm Damage Result

The roof of this home was damaged during storms and rainwater began to get into the home. This was the result when the ceiling became saturated with water. If this happens to you, give us a call. 

Technology and Techniques

Powerful extraction equipment speeds the drying process by removing the bulk of the water from your home or business. Our professionals are always learning new techniques and using the latest technology for your property. 

Professional Technicians

Our Professionals study IICRC standards and best practices in water restoration, fire restoration, mold remediation, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and other cleaning and restoration courses. They can quickly get your property looking its best.

Restore vs Replace

Restoring property is less expensive than replacing property. Our professionals know the rule is "Restore whenever possible, replace only when necessary."  Using this approach helps keep costs down while still providing the best services possible for you.

24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week

Emergencies don’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. An immediate response helps to minimize the damage and the cleaning and restoration costs. Our professionals provide emergency water restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Flying Debris

The exterior walls, doors and windows are the protective shell for your property. Even small flying debris can compromise a window or door. Our team checked for weakness and then installed temporary wind protection.

Storm damage

Here is what a wild wind storm did to a locals glass door. The glass door was hit by a branch that flew because of the wind. SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle was able to fix it fast!! Give us a call at 757-479-4447! 

Carpet Water Damage

Here we have water damage that occurred in a local church. The water damage was very visible with that carpet that we had to do some extra cleaning. Luckily we didn't take too long for it to look brand new again. Give us a call at 757-479-4447

Mold Cleanup

Here is what it looks like to clean up some yucky mold. Our professional equipment can get rid on that mold in no time! We need it gone fast especially when it happens in a local nursing home. Give SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle a call at 757-479-4447.

Water Damage Caused By Heavy Rain

Here we have some major water damage that happened in multiple offices in a local medical office. Luckily we had so much equipment to use because there was so much water damage. A heavy rainfall caused this office to have such damage. SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle was able to take all the water out with our professional equipment. Give us a call at 757-479-4447.

Water Damage Cleanup With No Electricity

Here we have our team extracted water damage from a local church. Our team has to work with out any light for the whole job. Not only did this church have water damage, but it also had fire damage. SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle was able to make it look "Like it never even happened." Our customer was extremely happy with the turnout. SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle is available 24/7 for any of your restoration needs. 

Heavy Fire Damage

Heavy fire damage occurred to this residents home in his living room and kitchen, double trouble! The kitchen had smoke damage, luckily its no trouble for our professional equipment and team. SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle was there for a couple days because of how much damage there was. A free quote was given, and once the customer agreed we were there in hours. 

Fire Damage After Shed Caught On Fire

Here is a shed that caught on fire in a local residence home. The fence that was around it started to deteriorate. SERVPRO of Kempsville/ Military Circle was able to fix the job easily, the shed now looks "Like it never even happened." 

Smoke Damage After Bad Fire

Here is what looks like smoke damage after a bad fire in a local apartment complex. Luckily, they called SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle and we gave them a free quote. Once the customer compared all their quotes we ended up being the least expensive. SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle was there as soon as we could. SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle is available 24/7 and 365 days a year to help your restoration needs.  

Commercial Water Damage

This local office building had water damage in every room they had. Luckily, they called SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle to get it all extracted. We were there about 2 hours after they called. Were always ready to help at 757-479-4447...24/7, 365 days a year.

Hidden Mold Coming Out

You never really know where you have mold, it honestly could be anywhere. We found some hidden mold in a local hospital building. We have special equipment that will take that mold away, fast! Give us a call at 757-479-4447

Water Damage Cleanup With Our Special Equipment

Our special equipment is always used when we have a water damage clean up to make sure everything is extracted. Water damage is our most common type of clean up, so we have to make sure our equipment is up to par. Give us a call at 757-479-4447!

Fire Damage

This little heater caused some serious damage to a local residence home. The heater over-heated and starting to cause fire, this tiny heater made almost 12,000 dollars worth of damages! With the weather being bipolar, some days hot and some days cold, make sure on the cold days you are keeping warm safely! Make sure those heaters are no where near items that can cause on fire easily. If this does happen to you, we are here to help! SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circke will be there as soon as we get the call. Give us a call at  757-479-4447, were available 24/7 whenever your disaster occurs!

Hidden Mold

Here at SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Ciricle, we do water cleanup, mold clean up, carpet cleaning, and so much more! We got a call in for water damage, and as we were cleaning up we found HIDDEN MOLD GROWING. Mold can be growing in your home, and you would have no idea! By chance, if you do find mold growing, give SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle a call at 757-479-4447!! We are here 24/7, 365 days a year.

Professional Equipment

SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle has such awesome equipment making it easy to complete any job that comes to us. This type of equipment is used to help clean up water damage. No matter how big or small the job, SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle is one call away at 757-479-4447

Mold Mold Mold

Have you ever seen so much mold? Here we have a great a shot of what mold could look like. Mold can grow anywhere in your home or business. If you believe you have mold growing, give SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle at 757-479-4447

Water Damage Cleanup

This was cleanup after water damage from the ceiling. The cause of the water damage was because of the toilet just above the living room. Our team is dedicated to make sure it looks "Like it never even happened." With the use of our professional equipment, and professional team anything is possible. 

Mold Cleanup

What is mold? Do I have it? Well mold is the fungus that grows on a rotting substance.Luckily, if you have mold growing somewhere in your home, SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle can clean it up with our special equipment. Give us a call at 757-479-4447 and we will make is seem "Like it never even happened"

Hampton Roads Oyster Roast

All work and no play is no fun at all! Here we have one of our marketing representatives, Kelly having a great time! Its always a pleasure to sponsor events in our area.

Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage is something we get a lot here at SERVPRO and were always ready with our professional equipment! Give us a call at 757-479-4447 if you ever need help. SERVPRO of Kempsville/Military Circle is always ready as soon as we get that call!